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where you can start P2P gold trade

releasing December, 2021


Mission  |  White Paper

Solving major problems of 
P2P gold trading
with blockchain technology.

Check more informations on updated White Paper.
Click to download. Last updated on 2021.12.00


Ideal token for P2P gold trading.

Gold is the most reliable asset but ironically, P2P gold trading is unreliable.
​GOLDILACKS mediates P2P trades, making gold trade easier and reliable.
GOLDILACKS is based on ERC-20 standard.

Protocol for P2P trade

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Lower fees than before

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P2P gold trading accounts for about 50-70% of the Korean gold distribution market.


We present the standard for uncertain and risky P2P transactions through blockchain.

We supports payments using tokens, and the ecosystem works with fees that are significantly lower than those incurred at regular gold retailers. The fee generated through the token is approximately 3% of the transaction value.

Relay group providing trusts

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In P2P gold trading, a trusted intermediary is absolutely necessary.


You can recruit a group to relay transactions with GOLDILACKS. 

The reilablilty of the relay group and the stability of the transaction are guaranteed.


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GOLDILACKS works with a gold mine in China that produces 0.2% of the world’s gold production (about 6T gold). In collaboration with the gold mine, we encourage peer-to-peer gold trade.

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Service Feaures

Service Features

Ecosystem of GOLDILACS.

To become standard of P2P gold trade, we made GOLDILACS ecosystem.
We aim to design ecosystem where all market participants can easily trade.

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P2P gold trade platform

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MIDAS wallet


Mobile community



pre-Mining app released!

pre-mined points will be exchanged to GOLDILACKS token.
The exchange time point and exchange rate will later be announced.

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Community members 


pre-Mining DAU


Total pre-mined points




GOLDILACKS's master plan.

This is a high level roadmap for the twelve months post-crowdsale.
GOLDILACKS are successfully surfing on Q4 of 2021.

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In Q3 2021, a token sale plan will be established and ICO will be implemented to activate the project.

We will prove the effectiveness of the project by leading the distribution of the P2P gold market with the initial capital of the project through ICO.

Afterwards, marketing through initial community building, product-based user recruitment, securing various exchanges, and securing blockchain partnership companies are the goals for Q3 2021.

In 2022 Q1, EL DORADO platform will be launched.
EL DORADO will be completed with service data collected in 2021 Q4 and partner companies' participation.,

The derivative effect generated by the EL DORADO platform will change the standards of customers and participants in financial transactions.

The financial market will pay attention to the innovativeness of EL DORADO, which has very low fees and high stability.
The main currency to be used on the platform will be GOLDILACKS.

2021 Q4 is the stage to make users fully understand
the GOLDILACKS ecosystem.

During this period, a beta test of EL DORADO, a peer-to-peer gold trading platform, will be conducted.

Through the service data collected during the beta test period, we derive and enhance the user convenience and service insights of the platform.

Midas wallet is a dedicated token wallet designed to easily and quickly trade GOLDILACKS tokens. 

Midas wallet will be a digital formated payment system for GOLDILACKS users, including tickets issued for peer-to-peer gold transactions, trust ratings, and more.




Best partners for ideal solutions.

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